Dom Pernai



Over the span of his 30-year career in the real estate and construction project management fields, Dominic P. Pernai has proven to be an invaluable leader within an exclusive niche industry. As the Midwest Director of ETHOSystems, Dominic remains steadfastly at the forefront of technological innovation and advancement, a testament to his dedication to providing high-level, tailored software solutions and outstanding client service far-reaching client base.

Dominic began as a consultant for Sage Timberline Office Software – now Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Software in its current form – in September 1990. With a penchant for cultivating excellent client relations, he transitioned to the sales team and took on the role of partner in 1994, where he remained before ascending to the role of President in 2006. Throughout his 25-year tenure at ETHOSystems, Dominic has established himself as a hands-on, ever-present touchpoint for customers. He has stayed consistently committed to uncovering new, individualistic solutions that account for the distinctive challenges presented by the market and will simultaneously add a seamless, intuitive, efficient quality to project management activities.

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