Michelle Bowen

Product Manager


Michelle Bowen has been working for Sage since 2014. She started her career in X3 Customer Support and enriching her experiencing by delivering Training to Colleagues and BP’s globally before taking on the position of Product Manager for Sage X3 Resource and Enterprise Asset Management.

She believes that the path to success is in having a detailed understanding of the needs and requirements of a product centric business through regular interactions with Customers, Partners, Analysts, and Industry Experts.

She values the input of Internal Stakeholders to ensure a holistic view of our Customers’ requirements to ensure a customer first approach in delivering what is expected.

Michelle is very passionate and determined to deliver unrivalled solutions to Sage’s targeted industries. With a keen understanding that everything starts and ends with the Customer she firmly believes that “We do not only deliver a product, but we will also deliver an experience.”

Prior to joining Sage, Michelle conducted detailed risk analysis on property and bridging finance contracts whilst overseeing legal processes.

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